Osaka Symphony Orchestra

Osaka Symphony Orchestra
Osaka Symphony Orchestra
Osaka Symphony Orchestra(OSO), was originally founded as “Osaka Symphoniker” in 1980, and invited KOIZUMI Hiroshi as the initial Music Director and Permanent Conductor. Upon the launch of the orchestra, SHIKISHIMA Hiroko, our Honorary Founding President, raised the motto “Play music that satisfies both the audience and the musicians alike!”. Since then, the orchestra’s performance, which always enthusiastically moves the audience, has been acclaimed as “exclamation from the soul” and “sound of passion”.
In September 1990, the orchestra played for the closing ceremony of “The International Garden and Greenery Exposition, Osaka, Japan”, where we played in the presence of Japanese Crown Prince and honorable guests from around the world. In January 1992, we invited Thomas SANDERLING as our next Music Director and Permanent Conductor, with whom we were able to lay solid foundation as a professional permanent orchestra. In June 1996, we held our first concert in Tokyo (at the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre), which was to become the beginning of our non-regular series in the capital city of Japan. In January 2001, we renamed ourselves as “The Orchestra Osaka Symphoniker”, and invited SOGA Daisuke as our third Music Director and Permanent Conductor. In July of the same year, SHIKISHIMA Tetsuo became the General Director of the Orchestra who held this position till March 2015. In December 2002 we made our first international tour to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Romania-Japan relationship, followed by a visit to Hanoi to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Vietnam-Japan diplomatic relations. In September 2004, OHYAMA Heiichiro assumed the position of Music Adviser and Principal Conductor. In April 2006, HIGUCHI Takeo, Chairman and CEO of Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd. became the Chairman of the Board, reinforcing the basis of our operation. In April 2008, KODAMA Hiroshi took over the role of our 4th Music Director and Principal Conductor, whose activity and performance won considerable acclaim from various sides. In April 2010, we renamed ourselves again as “Osaka Symphony Orchestra”. In April 2015, NINOMIYA Mitsuyoshi became the Intendant, and in October of the same year, we were chosen as the host orchestra of “Asia Orchestra Week”, a series of concerts within ACA National Arts Festival, run by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, and played in Tokyo (at the Concert Hall of Tokyo Opera City) and in Kitakami-city, Iwate-prefecture. In April 2016, TOYAMA Yuzo, one of the eldest leaders of Japanese music scenes, assumed the position of our Music Adviser. And in April 2020 he assumed as our Honorary Conductor. With TOYAMA on one side, and OHTA Gen ( who won the Audience Award while finishing in 2nd place in the 17th Tokyo International Music Competition for Conducting In 2015 and served as our Resident Conductor from April 2019 ) on the other side, the orchestra is now expected to make further progress under their directions.
As for CDs, we have released “Brahms: Complete Symphonies” and then with the support of Rohm Music Foundation, 5 sets of “Discovery Classic Series with KODAMA Hiroshi” (King Record Co., Ltd). Also released are Beethoven’s 9th Symphony “Choral” conducted by UNO Koho (Octavia Records Inc.) and “Mozart: Violin Concert No. 1, 2, 5” performed and conducted by TOYOSHIMA Yasushi (Octavia Records Inc.).
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As of April, 2020
Osaka Symphony Orchestra
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